Crossflow Technologies is an engineering services company with a focus on providing our customers a committed team of experts. We do this through building a team of top-tier professionals and developing their expertise to meet evolving customer needs.

We specialize in ballistic missile defense

Our Mission

To serve in the defense of our nation by providing exceptional talent to our customers. To serve our team members by working to honor them for helping our customers successfully meet their mission objectives.

Core Values

  1. Integrity does not have to be compromised for the sake of success.
  2. Honor is derived by meeting mission objectives.
  3. Common vision is necessary for success.
  4. Leadership is attained through service to others.
  5. Staying in our comfort zone is a sure path to failure.

Company Culture

Culture is not memorizing a mission statement or a set of values. Culture is when each and every team member believes those values and lives that mission statement every day. At work, with our family, or by ourselves; the belief in a cause bigger than us permeates every facet of our life. We will help each other and constantly set our own bar higher, not so we can boast, but so we can continue to grow as individuals and as a company.

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Community Involvement

At Crossflow, we also believe in giving back to the community that we live in. We are committed to sharing our time and resources with those in North Alabama. Below are some of the organizations that we have worked with in the past.